On Site Printing: Printing pictures during an event to give your guests as a memento / souvenir.

Photo Sharing Station: Touch Screen Computer setup on a table where guests can scroll through photos from photo booth and choose up to 4 at a time and send them to their email, Facebook, Instagram, or phone.

Animated GIF: Animation created from pictures taken during a photo booth session.

Slide Show: Slide show created from photo booth pictures during event that guests can watch.  Slide show is played on external monitor or using a projector.

Hashtag # Slide Show: Slideshow created by photos taken by your guests in real-time.  Using Instagram

Branded Templates: Personalized Custom Template created to use when printing photos.

Branded Screen: Personalized Custom photo booth screen that guests will see when using photo booth.

Online Gallery: Gallery of event photos that can be seen on online and link can be shared with family and friends.

On Site Attendant: Friendly photo booth attendant that helps with printing and helps guests have a great photo booth experience during the event.

Backdrops: What your guests will stand in front of while taking their photo booth pictures.

Props: Accessories used for role playing and enhance your photo experience.

Scrap Book: Album created during event with photo booth pictures and guests can write a few words to their host next to their picture. Book is given to host at end of event.

QR Codes: Bar code linked to website with event images. Images can be downloaded and shared. Will need to download a free QR Code Reader App on phone.

Slow Motion (SloMo): Video that is slowed down 10x to create a slow motion effect.

Green Screen: The use of a green background when taking a picture then using software to replace the green background with one of choice.